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The hoopoe has many interesting features: an orange chest, an orange crest with zebra stripes, and a thin, strong beak that allows it to burrow into the ground to eat insects and protect itself from enemies. During the breeding season, the female secretes a thick, brown fluid from a gland at the base of her tail, which smells like rotting flesh. She lubricates her feathers with this delicious stuff to make them more flexible and waterproof. As you'd hope, we omitted this feature from our Metalbird jump.

Eurasian hops:

  • 30  cm high and 27  cm  wide (including branch/tip)
  • Easy to assemble with a few hammer blows (drill a hole in hardwood first)
  • Made from 3mm thick "weatherproof" Corten® steel for a beautiful patina that changes with the seasons.
  • It's a perfect gift for a legendary friend

Maât  Box

  Length (cm)

  Width (cm)

Height (cm)

weight (g)





300 grams

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